Public Relations Internships



Whether or not you’ve gotten a degree, experience is key in any career field and public relations is no different.

So, how do you get the experience that employers are looking for?

An internship!

Here’s a great website that lists public relations internships that are both current and are also offered in a variety of places.

2015 Public Relations Internships


Public Relations Graduates



So, what are recent public relations graduates to do once they’ve gotten their degree?

Here’s a great article that shares what these graduates need to keep in mind upon graduation from a public relations degree.

New PR Graduates: Words of Advice


Connecting with PR Professionals



So, once you’ve started a PR campaign, or even if you’re just working on a team, what are some ways to connect with other PR professionals?

I love the simplicity of the article I share below because the suggestions are easy, practical, and can be effective depending upon how much time you want to spend connecting.

5 Ways to Connect with Other PR Professionals Online


Where is Public Relations Headed In the Future?



One of the most important parts of public relations is understanding where it is headed in the future.

Here’s a great article that gives us some insights about where public relations is headed and how we can stay on board in the way it’s headed.

The Future of Public Relations and Social Media


Public Relations for a Small Business



When I think of public relations, I typically think of a whole department of a large business, but having a public relations section, or at least one person in charge of it, is important even in small businesses.

I found this article that better explains why even small businesses should spend some time focused on public relations, plus it includes a lot of other links to blog articles that can help assist small businesses in determining ways to boost their public relations.

Why Small Business PR Is So Important