How to Start a PR Campaign



So, how do you begin a public relations campaign for a business?

Here’s a great article about what to keep in mind.

How to start a PR campaign for a startup



Public Relations for a Small Business



When I think of public relations, I typically think of a whole department of a large business, but having a public relations section, or at least one person in charge of it, is important even in small businesses.

I found this article that better explains why even small businesses should spend some time focused on public relations, plus it includes a lot of other links to blog articles that can help assist small businesses in determining ways to boost their public relations.

Why Small Business PR Is So Important


Public Relations and SEO



Something that is talked about in a lot of my Comm classes is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

Companies and organizations want a high SEO so that when people are searching for different products and services, the particular company’s website will show up at the top of the results in a browser page and people will be more likely to click on it and generate interest and business in that particular company.

I found this interesting article about how public relations can help in regards to understanding and utilizing SEO.

10 Reasons Why Public Relations is a ‘Must-do’ for SEO in 2013

Check it out!


“Do you need a degree in public relations to work in PR?”



So, “Do you need a degree in public relations to work in PR?”

Good question! … Which this article helps answer. 🙂

Check it out and if you really want to work in PR, don’t worry if you don’t actually have a degree in it because if you don’t, your not out of luck. 🙂


Public Relations and the Media



It is always interesting to hear about how public relations works in the media and whether or not they affect each other in a positive, negative, or neutral way.

The author of this article shares some great insights into how these two big part of culture, public relations and the media, relate to each other and what the positive and negative aspects of their relationship are.

The Strange Relationship Between Public Relations and the Media